would and want

Would you like to learn about these?  I want to teach you.

would like” = “want”

“I want some food” is OK, but it is nicer to say
“I would like some food”.

“Want” is a strong word.
Would” is more polite, like asking and saying “please”. It is like saying “If I had some food, I will be happy”.

Would you like a drink?

Yes, I would like some tea please.

Would you like some cake too?

I would, but I am not hungry

If something is not 100% real, you can use “would”:

If you saw a house on fire, what would you do?

I would call 911.

Would you try to stop the fire?

No, I would not.


No, I wouldn’t. I would call 911.

If your car does not start, would you call 911?

No! I would not. I would call my friend.


Yes, I’d call my friend. He would help me.


Yes, he’d help me.

I’d = I would
he’d = he would
she’d = she would
they’d = they would
you’d = you would
we’d = we would

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