give and gimme

Today, we practice the words “give” and “to”.

  • Please give your pen to me.
  • Please give your pen to Sarah.

In English, we like to make things short.  We could say:

  • Please give Sarah your pen.
  • Please give me your pen.

More sentences like “give me”, “give her”, “give us”:

  • Will your mother give us some cake?
  • Give me all your money!!!      <<< that is not nice to say!

If it happened yesterday, the word is “gave

  • Yesterday, you gave me a pen.  I will give it to you tomorrow.
  • Why do you need money? I gave you a lot of money yesterday.

It can also be used for nouns (things) you can’t really touch:

  • I will give you a job.
  • Can you give me a hand?  <<< not your real hand!  This means “Can you help me”, like, “I need some more hands.”


You will read the words “give me”, but we usually say “gimme”.
Try saying them.  It’s a lot easier to say “gimme”!

  • Can you gimme a drink?
  • Gimme Shelter” is the name of a famous song.
  • If you need to pick up a big box, you might say “Hey, gimme a hand.”


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