Here is a video from my favorite YouTube teacher, Ronnie.

She explains “to” and “for“.

I will now give the link TO you.  Then, I will make a small lesson FOR you.

Now here is a lesson FOR you.

English has some big words that start with ben, bene, or bon.
99% of these words mean something GOOD!

In Ronnie’s lesson, she says and writes the word “benefit“.  🤔Hmmm…  what does that mean?  It means something good!

  • Sammy worked hard at his job, and got a BONUS. 🏆 💰
  • Now he will take a trip to Paris.  I will tell him BON VOYAGE!  🎉 ✈
  • He will travel with his boss for no cost! His boss is BENEVOLENT.  🙏😌


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