Here are good videos to learn reading.   📚👀





This is something new.  😎
Someone learning English will now TEACH English!  👏👏👏
We will tell you a story in English first, and then in Arabic.



Click to listen     

I found another good teacher on YouTube.

He speaks slowly.

I like this video a lot!  📺 👍


I like this short, easy lesson about 4 words.

It tells you which words to use if things are
CLOSE to you or
……………………………………………..  FAR from you.


I found a good lesson about weather.  It has words like sunny, cloudy, and windy.
It has pictures and sentences to teach the words.

Learn about weather – click here.


Do not add S if there are more than 1.  We do not say two mans, two womans, and two childs.
It is men, women, and children.   They all end in EN.

Why?  I don’t know.  😕

One man.

Two men.


Many men.
A lot of men.


One woman.


Two women.

Many women.
I think I see 12 women.

One child.

Two children.

Four children.

He lost something!
Did he lose the remote?
Did he lose his money?

Help!  I lost my ring!
It is here, but I can not see it!  Please help me look for it.
(There was a lesson about look and see).

He lost his keys.    🔑🔑🔑   ❓❓❓    🙁

A person can be lost.
I think he is lost.

If you go in here, you might get lost!

Lose can be good.  The doctor told me to lose weight.

In the word lose, the S is like the Arabic letter By me (w:User:pfctdayelise) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
In the word lost, he S is like the Arabic letter 

This song is good for dancing.  🎵🎉👞👞

I do not know.  I am not a good dancer.  😬
Do you like to dance?

dancedI dance
you dance
he dances
she dances
it dances
we dance
they dance
you dance
will dance

You will say WOW when you learn this word!  😮
It’s AMAZING!!!!

If you see something and say Wooooow, it is amazing!

This photo is amazing!

This coffee smells amazing!!!

This food was sooooo good!  It was amazing!!!

Do you want to seen an amazing car? Click here.

I tried many apps today.
I looked at free apps.    🚫💲
I saw one I liked! 

It is called “Sight Words”.
It helps you read words.
Try it!

Many apps have the name “Sight Words“.
I like this one: