Ms. Mairi found another nice song.

It is lullaby by an American singer named Billy Joel. Follow the words and enjoy a beautiful song!

A lullaby is a song to make a baby sleep. 🎵👶🛏️😴

Here is a song Ms. Mairi found.

It is a song about the sun 🌞.

It is very pretty! You can read the words and listen to the song for English practice.

What does “darling” mean? It is a what you call someone that you 💕.

This song is good for dancing.  🎵🎉👞👞

I do not know.  I am not a good dancer.  😬
Do you like to dance?

dancedI dance
you dance
he dances
she dances
it dances
we dance
they dance
you dance
will dance

Here is another good song. You can listen, and read the words.

He has a nice voice.

Here is a song by Raffi.  He says “Thanks” many times.  Listen and read.

Thanks  =  Thank you

Thanks a lot  =  Thank you very much  =   I give you many thanks

When my children were small, they liked Raffi. I like him too.  It makes me happy to hear a Raffi song now.