D16 – Branches of Government, Part 3

The American government has 3 parts. They are called branches.

This lesson is about the Judicial branch. 🧑‍⚖️⚖️

This lesson gives you many answers to the US Citizenship test! 🇺🇸☑️💯

انقر هنا للعربية


If you want more answers, see Part 1 and Part 2.



This session was very well done. It contains the proper amount of material and is presented in a very concise and clear manner. 99% of us become citizens merely by being born here. And so many of us are unfamiliar with the information that needs to be know by someone not born in

I inadvertently submitted my previous post before I completed my comments. The people who have to pass a test to become citizens are required to know a lot of information about American history and the way our government works. So many American citizens hear words and phrases about our system of government on the news but really do not know the meaning nor purpose of them. Also our general public is not as well versed in the basics of US history. This website demands a much broader audience than a handful of refugees and immigrants desiring to become US citizens.

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