Voice going up or down changes some words!

These words have two parts. They all mean different things if you say them with your voice going up or down!   😮

Here is one — the word record.

  • If you say RE-cord, it is a noun.  >>  The world REcord for the 100m run is 9.58 seconds.
  • If you say re-CORD, it is a verb.  >> Can I reCORD you when you sing?

Here are some more words like this.

WordNoun : HIGH - lowVerb : low - HIGH
conflictAn argument, or a war >> The Civil War was a CONflict between the states.To disagree >> I hope we do not conFLICT.
contestA sports match >> Who won the football CONtest?To battle or argue >> I hope nobody conTESTS my decision.
contrastA difference >> There is a lot of CONtrast between black and white.To find or talk about differences >> Please conTRAST these two songs.
extractSomething you get out of something else >> Vanilla EXtract comes from a bean.To get something out of something else >> Please exTRACT this stick from my arm. It hurts.
incenseIt smells nice when you burn it >> INsense makes smoke when it burns.To get mad >> I was inSENSED when I got a ticket for going 37 mph!
increaseSomething that goes up >> I worked hard and got a pay INcrease.To make something go up >> I hope you can inCREASE my pay.
insultA bad thing you say about somebody >> Hey! I do not like that INsult!To say something bad about somebody >> Do not inSULT me!
inviteA message about coming to visit >> I am having a party. Did you get my INvite?To ask someone to visit >> I will inVITE all my friends to my party.
perfect[this can happen with adjectives too]
Describes something very good >> I got a PERfect score on my test!
To make something very good >> I worked hard to perFECT my accent.
permitA piece of paper that says you can do something >> I got my driving PERmit!To say it is OK to do something >> Will you perMIT me to speak now?
rebelA person who does not agree with rules >> He does not listen to his mother! He is a REbel!To disagree with rules >> His children are reBELLing. They never do what he asks!
recordSomething that is written or saved >> I forgot my password, and I don't have a REcord of it!To write or save something >> Can you reCORD this song on your phone?
rejectSomething that is not good enough, and you throw away >> We need to send these shoes back! Put them in the REject box.To decide, or say, that something is not good enough >> He tried to be nice, but she reJECTed him
suspectSomeone who maybe did something bad, but you are not sure >> She was not home when all the ice cream was eaten, so she is not a SUSpect.To think someone did something bad, but you are not sure >> Hmmm... he has chocolate all over his face. I susPECT he ate all the ice cream.

Do you want to see more words like this?

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