I went for a walk today.
It was very cold ( 9°F, or -13°C ), but it was sunny.
I thought the cold air was invigorating.
This is a picture of me:

What does invigorating mean?

It comes from the word vigor.   Vigor means energy, strength, or power. 💪
Vigor is a noun.

Invigorate is a verb. It means “to give energy”.
Invigorating is an adjective. It describes something that gives you energy, or makes you feel like you have energy.

      The walk in the cold weather was invigorating!

There is another adjective:  vigorous.  It means “powerful”.
      Vigorous exercise will make you sweat.  😅

Vigorous describes that something has strength.
Invigorating describes that gives you strength.

      A vigorous walk every day is good for your health.    << The walk has energy!

I would not say
      Coffee is vigorous. 😫

NO!  I would say
      Coffee is invigorating!  🤩

And like many words, we can add -ly to make an adjective:

      He is stirring his coffee vigorously!  He must have a lot of sugar in it!  


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