This is a very important lesson.

There were slaves in America? 😳  It is hard to understand how!

Thank you, Ms. Mary, for explaining how this happened.


John Peter Zenger was a refugee from Germany.  🏃‍♂️ ⚠  💥 🇩🇪

His family came to America because there were many wars in Germany. He was only 13. His father died during the trip. 😔

What did Zenger do in America? Watch and learn!


Where is America?  In North America!

What? How?  🤨

Watch this and see. 😀

You will also learn about important rivers 🏞 and mountains 🏔.


Important words:

  • Triangular Trade  📐 💱
  • Mercantilism 👶🇺🇸  →  💸  →  🇬🇧👑
  • Salutary Neglect 🙋  🙈


I am very excited to have a lesson by a special guest teacher:  Ms. Mary!  😀🎉🎉🎉

She will teach about the Civil War. Her first lesson is about some important things that happened before the war.


This lesson is about the Magna Carta and the House of Burgesses.
And a little extra about the birth of New York City!

انقر هنا للعربية


I love this video!
You will learn about Lewis and Clark. They are two famous Americans.
You will learn some English, and also learn about history, geography, maps, mountains, rivers, and animals.

Click here or on the map to watch the video.

Lewis and Clark made maps so they would not get lost.🧐
They did lose some important things while they were exploring. 😩
Do you remember the words LOSE and LOST?  Click here to review.