Someone wanted to learn about the word “noise“.

We were at a party.  Many people were talking loudly. It was very noisy! We could not hear each other talk.

So, we talked louder.

Then the other people could not hear each other, so THEY talked louder. Then WE could not hear, so we talked louder.  Everybody was talking loudly. It was noisy!  😫

Noise = sound you do not like.

When you play music, there are + and buttons.

They are for the VOLUME.

Low volume  = 🔈
High volume = 🔊🔊🔊

Sometimes you see the word VOL — that means volume.
More volume = louder.

Some music players have a circle that you turn

A circle like that is called a KNOB. Do not say the K.  Say it like nob.  Why?  I don’t know. 🙄

To make the volume go up or down, you turn the knob. That is why we sometimes say “turn it up! to make the music louder.

If you want it less loud, you say “turn it down!

Turn = go in a circle. A knob is a circle, so you turn a knob.

The opposite of loud is quiet.  🤫

A library is quiet.

If there is no sound, it is silent:

>> I did not hear any sound.  It was silent.  🔇

Silent is an adjective. A room can be be silent.

Silence is a noun.

>>  Do you like silence when you sleep?  Or do you like some sound?




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