Words from our lessons – EXPLAINED

Do you remember this post?  I will teach some of the words now.

You can click buttons to hear the words.


It is a noun and a verb!  😮
NOUN:      A vacuum is for cleaning floors.
VERB:        You can vacuum the carpet.

grow and growth

Will water make this money grow?  I do not think so!   🙄     <<< grow is a verb

I see growth!  The money is going up!        <<< growth is a noun


Single is an adjective (like old, young, big, small).  It means One.

There is a single person at the table.

It also can mean Not Married.

Are you married 👫 or are you single 👨‍💼?


Do you want to make a house?  💭 + ✏ = 🏠
An architect can help you.


A mason is a person.
A mason builds with bricks, stones, and cement.

Pronunciation via forvo.com

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