These are good words.  They help you learn.


pastyesterday, last week, last year  


present = now, today


future = tomorrow, next week, next year


Will you have a car like this in the future?
If you had a robot 🤖, would you let it drive your car?

Do you want a lesson about a car? Click here.

Can we make dinner?  I can help you make it.

🍚  +  🍗 +  🍅 + 🍳   =  dinner

Dinner with friends makes me happy.
👨🏻 👩🏽 👴🏼 👵🏼 +  🍽️ 🍽️ 🍽️ 🍽️ = 😊

Why makes with “s” ?   You learned to + S for he, she, and it.
Dinner with friends makes me happy
Dinner makes me happy.
It makes me happy.

Give me 1, 2, 3.  I will make 6.
I + 2 + 3 = 6.
I x 2 x 3 = 6.  🤓

⚠️ Warning  ⚠️    (  Yes, Mr. David likes making warnings.  🙄  )

We say “made” for yesterday (or last week, or last year).    Not “maked”.

I made a cake yesterday.
She made rice.
They made new friends.

It “made” for all people.  I made.  He made.  She made.  It made.  You made, we made, and they made.

Are you sad?  😢
This will make you happy !  😀
The show is called “Make Me Laugh”.
If they do NOT make her laugh, she gets money.
😐 = 💰💰💰
😂 = 💸

Make or makes?  Run or runs?  Help!

I see this in many verbs.   <<< verb = action   🚴 🏋️ ⛹️

I, you, we, they:   no “s”

I ride a bike.  You drive a car.  They take a bus.  We go to work.

He, she, it:   + “s”

She rides a bike.  It moves fast.
He takes a bus. It goes slow.     <<<  ⚠️ NOT “gos”  😬

Remember this trick!  It is 99% good.

I think.  She thinks.
You want.  He wants.
We say.  She says.
I smell something. It smells bad.   😝

I sell bread.  She sells seashells by the sea shore.  👩🏪 🐚🐚🐚 🏖️
That is very hard to say!!!

If you think hard, you can get an idea. 🤔🤔🤔 💡

I think I will teach this word today.

🤔 means “think”.

I think it will rain today.
She thinks it will rain.
What do you think?

They think the football match will be fun.
We think it will be fun.
What do you think?

⚠️  WARNING!  It is a strange verb.  ⚠️

Yesterday, EVERYONE thought it would be sunny.

UGH!  I do not like “gh” words!  😝
Do not say the “gh”.   Say it like “thot”.

He thought the pot was hot.
I thought it was not.

For yesterday, it is the same word for all:  I thought, he thought, she thought, you thought, we thought, they thought.  Cool!   😎

Do you know what this is?  💭

It is a thought.

The word “thought” can be a noun.    <<<  noun = thing

When you think, a thought is in your head. 🤔 💭

A thought can be sad. A thought can be happy.
I hope you have happy thoughts now.  Bye!

Go is an easy word, but there is something not easy.

Are you ready for the hard part?  OK.   1… 2… 3… GO!

Warning!  ⚠️

If it was yesterday, you say “went”.  Do not say “goed” 😬

I want to go to the store..

Why?  You went to the store yesterday.  And, you went to the store this morning!  If you keep going to the store, you will have no money.  💸

OK.  I will wait. I will go next week.

I go.
He goes. She goes. It goes.
We go.  You go. They go.

If it is now, the word is going.   This is not hard.

I am going.
He is going.  She is going.  It is going.
We are going.  You are going.  They are going.

Tomorrow, I will go, he will go, and they will go.  Everyone will go!

Yesterday  –>  the word is the same for all.  It is went.

I went.
He went.  She went.  It went.
We went.  You went.  They went.

So, just remember two words.  Go and went.

Going is like other words.  Driving, running, eating, sleeping, talking.  No problem!  👍

Here is a song by Raffi.  He says “Thanks” many times.  Listen and read.

Thanks  =  Thank you

Thanks a lot  =  Thank you very much  =   I give you many thanks

When my children were small, they liked Raffi. I like him too.  It makes me happy to hear a Raffi song now.


What? 4 words today?  😧

Do not worry!  Ronnie will  will help. 👏👏👏

She is a good teacher.
I like her lessons. Her lessons are good.

Watch her lesson. She writes these words, and she talks about them.

Today, I will teach you the word “will”.

Tomorrow, will you go to the store?

Yes, I will.  I will buy something, then I will come home.

Remember the word “would”?

Will” is like “would”.  “Will” means yes, YES, YES!  I will 100% do it!

What will you do tomorrow?

What? What did you say?

What’ll you do tomorrow?

I would play football ⚽️,  but it will rain.  🌧🌧🌧

I will go to a movie. The show starts at 8:00. Will you go with me?

No, I will not.  I won’t go.  I do not like movies.

what’ll = what will

won’t = will not     <<< wow!  It is not willn’t. That would be hard to say!😝

Open this post to learn more!

Please open the box.

Why should I open the box?

If you open it, you will be happy!


I see a shop.  Is it open now?

Uhhh, yes.   🙄

Will it be open at 6:00?

YES.  The sign says “OPEN 24 HOURS”.  It will be open!  🙄🙄🙄


This cat can open a door.
He opened the door yesterday.


Wow! I have never seen a door open like this  😮

If I had this door, I would open and close it 100 times each day!


We used the word “open” 2 ways.

  • To do something, like “Open the box”.
  • To talk about the store:  The store is big. The store is open.   

Do you want to learn a new word?

OK.  I will show you how to spell today’s word.

s   h   o   m

Oh no!  😮  That is wrong!  I will show you again:

s   h   o   W

Good!  👏👏👏  That is better.

Can I show you a funny video?
Someone showed me this yesterday.

Show” can also be a thing.

What is your favorite TV show? 📺

Hmm… I don’t know.  I like many shows.

I have an idea for a new show:  “English with Mr. David”.  We can all be on it!

Is that a joke?  I think not many people would watch that show. 🙄

Yes, it was a joke.  😆