The words on this piece of paper are a very important part of US History.

July 4 is an important date. The country of America was born July 4, 1776.  🐣🇺🇸

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Oh no! Big words!

Don’t worry. I will explain them.

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Click on each box to see how to solve these!

Last year, I made many math videos to help someone with homework.  I will put them here, and also make new ones to help you learn. These are “word math” problems. Click on each box to see how to solve them!

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Would you touch fire? 🔥👈

Did you learn that in school?
No. Everybody knows that. It is common sense.

Thomas Paine wrote a small book called Common Sense. He wrote that America should not be part of Britain. It was a small book, but with big ideas that people understood.


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I found another good teacher on YouTube.

He speaks slowly.

I like this video a lot!  📺 👍


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This video has 2 lessons!
First, a 1 minute English lesson, then a 5 minute history lesson.

Will 2 lessons be intolerable?  😖
No, I think you can tolerate it. 😐
Maybe more than tolerate – maybe you will like it! 🙂


Here is a review of early history.

I ask some questions, then I explain the answers.



Here is another very good lesson by Ms. Mary.

It is about slavery, states, and new word: compromise.