think and thought

If you think hard, you can get an idea. 🤔🤔🤔 💡

I think I will teach this word today.

🤔 means “think”.

I think it will rain today.
She thinks it will rain.
What do you think?

They think the football match will be fun.
We think it will be fun.
What do you think?

⚠️  WARNING!  It is a strange verb.  ⚠️

Yesterday, EVERYONE thought it would be sunny.

UGH!  I do not like “gh” words!  😝
Do not say the “gh”.   Say it like “thot”.

He thought the pot was hot.
I thought it was not.

For yesterday, it is the same word for all:  I thought, he thought, she thought, you thought, we thought, they thought.  Cool!   😎

Do you know what this is?  💭

It is a thought.

The word “thought” can be a noun.    <<<  noun = thing

When you think, a thought is in your head. 🤔 💭

A thought can be sad. A thought can be happy.
I hope you have happy thoughts now.  Bye!

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