A unique approach

I combine emojis and images with humor, and strive to avoid using words that are harder than the beginner-level material I’m teaching.

I’ve spent dozens of hours doing web searches looking for materials I can pass along to the students I tutor.  Unfortunately, most of the ESL / ENL sites I’ve seen are aimed at a more advanced readers. Other sites did have images and worksheets that could  have worked, but their landing pages were too complicated and intimidating for beginning English speakers to navigate.

I’m not a teacher by training, so I don’t have direct experience or a stockpile of lessons to draw upon. What I do have is a persistent, patient nature and a knack for explaining things.  So, I’ve decided to construct my own series of lessons, and when I do find a something useful on the internet, I’ll highlight it in a post.

It’s this combination of creative, simple, new lessons and thoughtful curation of existing materials that makes this site unique.

— Mr. David