verbs with S at end

Make or makes?  Run or runs?  Help!

I see this in many verbs.   <<< verb = action   🚴 🏋️ ⛹️

I, you, we, they:   no “s”

I ride a bike.  You drive a car.  They take a bus.  We go to work.

He, she, it:   + “s”

She rides a bike.  It moves fast.
He takes a bus. It goes slow.     <<<  ⚠️ NOT “gos”  😬

Remember this trick!  It is 99% good.

I think.  She thinks.
You want.  He wants.
We say.  She says.
I smell something. It smells bad.   😝

I sell bread.  She sells seashells by the sea shore.  👩🏪 🐚🐚🐚 🏖️
That is very hard to say!!!


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